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Advertising with e-mail newsletter

E-mail newsletter is a very effective email marketing technique used by advertisers to market products and services using email as an information carrier. Many people like you believe that e-mail newsletter must be created and sent by professionals who dedicate their time and skills in email marketing only and therefore might do it better than you. Other people think that sending e-mail newsletter is dangerous because of the tricky anti-spam laws existing in the United States and they prefer to stay away. If you do so, you miss the opportunity.

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How to make a newsletter (continued)

We continue our discussion from the previous blog on how to make a newsletter

Do not write newsletters for spam filters.

Most of today's email boxes are equipped with a lot of spam filtering. They are praying on terms and slogans like "Dear friend", "Easy money", "Make money fast", "Buy it today" and a lot more of them. If you use phrases like that when you send email newsletter, you increase your chances of spam filter blocking you. Get a decent mass mailing program, that writes individual emails to each client addressing them by name.

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How to make a newsletter

You might ask, why do you need to know how to make a newsletter?

With proliferation of spam these days, the stakes are very high. You cannot afford to make any mistakes when you send email newsletter.

Why? What is the big deal with this? Why can't I just slap something together? After all, they are ALREADY in my list.

I will tell you why:

Statistically, about 95% of all your messages only go to 4 major monsters. They are:

gmail, hotmail (msn), yahoo and AOL.