Email Delivery Server features

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ESP Independence:

Be independent, run your own SMTP/POP3 server in your corporate environment to facilitate your email marketing campaigns. Once it is properly set up, it will enable you much grater sending speeds and delivery rates as well as the lowest cost-per-message than any third-party email service provider (ESP) may possibly provide. You will be surprised how much money you can save by not using ESP.

Security features:

Built-in mail server security features include message queue encryption, SSL/TLS for SMTP and POP3 protocols, SPAM filtering, DDoS attack prevention, traffic and mailbox limiting on a per-user basis.

E-campaign testing:

Testing mode lets you test your email campaign without the actual delivery of messages. The email messages will appear in the queue and can be previewed, but they will never be delivered to the actual recipients of your email marketing campaign. This will give you a confidence that every message you send out is received exactly the way you want it.

Large volumes:

Scalability features enable you to route email messages to different external SMTP servers and spread SMTP/POP3 services and user message queues over several machines in case if you deal with very large volume of email messages.

Mailing lists:

Distribution lists are also supported by Email Delivery Server. You can import recipients from a database table along with all their data fields that may include first and last names, birthdays, telephone numbers, addresses, products ordered, and so on. Later, you can create a distribution list that uses the data imported. In the messages you can address the data fields mentioned above to personalize the outgoing messages on fly while sending. A single message sent to the list will turn into thousands of personalized messages.

Receiving messages:

POP3 service can be used to receive replies form the customers you send email messages to. You can add as many POP3 mailboxes as you need for every email marketing campaign you do.