Email Delivery Server

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Why you should have your own SMTP/POP3 mail server:

Every company dealing with targeted bulk email marketing nowadays depends on email service providers (ESP). No doubt, there are advantages of working with them, however if you grab your calculator and count how much money you spend on them, you will be surprised. ESP usually sells itself by convincing you that this part of business is too complicated and you should never do it yourself, but they are wrong. Running your own mail server is as easy as using your email client to reply to your business email even though indeed there are some tricky things around that can be easily resolved. Your own SMTP/POP3 email server means that you fully control all your outgoing and incoming email message flow. You set the rules, you are the boss. Number of messages you can send daily is not limited. You never pay more for more messages. The messages will never be delayed by ESP. They will go strait to the destination once they hit the message queue.

Email Delivery Server gives you the following benefits:

  • independence from email service providers (ESP);
  • support of SMTP and POP3 protocols;
  • message queue and mailbox encryption;
  • incoming SPAM filtering and sender blocking;
  • SSL/TLS encryption for SMTP and POP3;
  • DDoS attack prevention and firewall features;
  • email message box limiting on a per-user basis;
  • e-campaign testing mode and final message preview;
  • large volume handling by using scalability features;
  • parametrized distribution and mailing list support.