Email Marketing Courier Features

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All-in-one solution:

Use this complete targeted bulk email marketing software solution to communicate with your existing customers and find the new ones online. You can use this software to maintain mailing lists and send personalized mass email messages.

Message personalization:

Personalize your messages using macros, custom recipient fields and message templates. You can customize and use recipient data fields in message templates to make your messages as if they were sent personally to every customer. You can insert personal salutations, refer to particular products your customers ordered, use birthday dates and other information you added to your database in form of custom fields.

Database management:

Maintain a database of existing customers in a very efficient way. You can add new recipients, edit and delete the existing ones manually or automatically in multiple recipient groups as well as search, sort and remove duplicates. You can have as many separate databases as you like. Every database is stored in a separate data file.

Database customization:

Customize your customer database by adding custom data fields that may contain additional information such as mailing addresses, ZIP codes, telephone numbers, lists of products ordered and so on. These fields can be used in your email message templates for final message personalization. At the receiving end, your messages will look as if they were written individually for every customer.

Recipient groups:

Use recipient groups to communicate with customers on different topics at the same time. You can have as many groups as you need. Every group may contain an independent customer database table used for communication on a separate topic. Groups may be easily included or excluded from sending.

Message templates:

Maintain a list of easy-to-switch email message templates in plain-text, rich-text and HTML formats. You can have as many message templates in different formats as you need at the same time. Plain text messages are good for most of cases due to the highest compatibility with most of email clients and light weight. HTML format can be used to produce high-end messages with images, colors and links. There are no any limits on what you can design in HTML format.

Automatic Subscription:

Subscribe new customers to your mailing lists and unsubscribe the existing ones as well as process bounce backs using the automatic subscribe/unsubscribe feature. You can use a POP3 mailbox or a text file to receive subscribe/unsubscribe requests. This enables you to use a web form with a PHP script on your website to automatically process additions and removals.

Scheduler and throttling:

Control sending speed and start time with a built-in scheduler. If necessary, you can utilize sending patterns or throttling to send email messages at a selected speed in batches of a defined size with a desired pause between them. Use the built-in timer to start sending at a specified time.

Import and export:

Import data from or export it to any other software products or databases. The standard tab-delimited and CSV plain-text file formats used in 99% of other software and database products are also supported. You can also import recipients from Apple Address Book in the Mac version of the software.