How to produce a clean log file

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In order to help us reproduce a problem or help with your problem it is best to always send a log file of the problem to us for a review. Here is how to easily obtain a nice and clean log file for your use:

  1. Go to Start menu, choose Run, type: "services.msc" and press enter.
  2. Stop our SMTP server's Windows service as it is depicted in this image:
  3. Erase all the log files you have in c:\FKeySMTP\*.log*
  4. Start our SMTP server's Windows service as it is depicted in this image:
  5. Send one message to it, the one that produces a faulty result or the one you need help or explanation with
  6. Once the new log file is generated, send it to us. Log file is stored in C:\FkeySMTP\SMTPServer.log file. You can see exact location on the user interface Logging section

It will help us see what is happening inside and how your message is being propagated. We will be able to help you much better and faster if we have this complete picture.

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